In Chesed, the Exempt Adept is truly a Leader of good fortune. His work with magical powers as an Adept Major has developed into a comprehension of the manipulation of the gunas. For most Aspirants, unless they are truly brave this is the last Grade for this incarnation. Yet, an Aspirant who has attained his or her lower Grades honestly and completely creates a momentum that will push him forth toward the abyss. A certain secret ritual is given to him by his or her Superior to assist his survival.

Babe of the Abyss---This is actually an advanced Adept Exempt who is in the process of crossing the Abyss. Note that an Adept Exempt does not always sign an Oath of the Abyss for this process to begin. Karl Germer is an example of this "yew type" process where the natural momentum and necessity of his Path, probably from the accumulation of his karma and energy, resulted in his Initiation to M.T. without an Oath of the Abyss. However, some have inertia in the sheaths of the self which make it a necessity to use an Oath either similar to A.C.'s or adapted to the path of the Adept Exempt where the process will immediately awaken. The Book of Lies is the Official Text Book of the Babes of the Abyss and many of its meanings are not fully appreciated until it is used as a guide. In fact, it becomes as an important a guide for the Babe of the Abyss as Liber 418.