Our Dynamic Movement

written by Soror Akana

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

There are no final revolutions; there is no end process of evolution that can be grasped.

Envision a lioness who stands formidably upon mountain peak, overseeing the fields and planes of material culmination; the creative force which allows such strength and majesty can be harvested and harnessed, becoming the force which awakens a new Aeon.

Is it not of interest to note the illusionary, entropic reaction of a black brother who out of fear attempts to move environment according to his own desire, versus the opportunities birthed by the Magus?

The puppet master has in fact become a slave to the extent that by his very existence he is but a tool, a device caught up in the current of a higher movement.

In ordinary, linear perception the material and the spiritual worlds would appear to be completely separate; thus, the savage mind is forever lost and fighting against the impenetrable forest they mistakenly believe the world to be, and the fragile soul accursed in its disjointed maneuvers is ever searching for a bright sun which is but passing illusion, instead of embracing opportunities to truly be alive.

The secret of the God Kings revealed in the Book of the Law is involved with the realization that there is balance of Divine ambition and the essence of creative qualities within each energetic force that is of Us.

Our ambition is not the sorrows of the slave; our goal is not the destruction of the properties of life, but the removal of facades worn, and therefore the conquering of desire.

Our ambition is, quite succinctly, expansion of conscious awareness -- and if We must evoke war, then so be it. If we must remove distraction and imbalance, then we shall do so.

Upon thorough examination of the unfolding of the Nation so wisely called America, the student will discover a tenacious sense of liberty interwoven in every stroke of an ink that is ever in a process of reinvention.

Even today, there still exists the savage American Indian driven into depression and overcome with greed; there exists the egocentric delusions of the Eastern Indian with his incessant desire of some otherworldly nirvana; according to the Third Chapter of the Book of the Law both of these peoples are accursed by their confusion and their limit of view; for, is not magick the uniting of what is above with what is below? Therefore, we allow for slaves to serve as the tools utilized in order to accomplish Our original ambition; the slaves are not fully assimilated with the core of society, and although it may appear they are free, in reality they are dispensable and easily transformed.

This is all quite elementary in the observation of Hellenistic, Roman, and even Egyptian societies. Even America's Founding Fathers understood that the idea of conquering takes place on planes of multidimensional expression.

What person with attention to detail has not been able to notice the banner of eagle with olive branch with arrows and the unfinished pyramid -- all seeing eye as the capstone upon that very material thing which has passed so many hands? The manifestation itself, of course, is no real secret; however, the divine intuition, the Dynamic Movement which creates the manifestation remains hidden to the mundane world.

Perhaps if the symbol which had preceded the present equivocation were to be discerned, the student might be able to observe with clarity the transformation which is occurring.

History records Caesar the man as having been annihilated; yet, what what Caesar set in motion is very much alive.

Now envision a center of experience, a city which is both material and supernal; as energetic vibrations, this center is always expanding, and yet able to fully retain its vital core.

Obviously, an inspection of various material will enable the student to deduce that the most ancient of civilizations, that which is the root of organized society still survives; for the God Kings have always been the initiation itself, the trans formative wheel of fate; this is an era of reconstruction and vengeance that only the mystic is able to collaborate and envisage.

Thereby, we issue a formal notice to those who would assume a position to claim a magical title which, in fact, does not and never will below to them:
We allow your silken robes, fake identity and false pretense to continue, for such is a link which ingeniousness hath devised to better cloak the true ruler. For the Emperor is not one to draw unnecessary attention to His stature, yet the entirety of Our movement is hinged upon His very existence; yet, the sword, the word of power will not be drawn by Him alone!

The secret remains within the heart of all creation and the aspirant can only begin to crack open the facade when He or She is able to close the eyes that lead only to restriction; release these chains and thereby See!

If you would rightly conquer the world, rearrange the Kosmos, how would the script sound?

If you would rightly conquer hunger, greed, even love, what kind of world would that be?

Embrace the shadow, the whirlwind, the subtleties of nature - everything -- then, simply, let go.

Enter the darkness; close the eyes which only serve to blind, and in the darkness will you find the answer.

Now tell Us; what do you see?

Love is the law, love under will