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Scientific Illuminism as a key to the next step in evolution.

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The purpose of this article is for those who have perceived in the past confusion of the work going on in our laboratories confuse our applications of the method of science with the aim of religion or reveal for the first time some insights that might have been previously overlooked as an introduction from one researcher in this now controversial, thought provoking challenge to everything you considered possible as We move forth transforming the very planet with the razor sharp sword of Scientific Illuminism. We would assume that those editions of the Equinox would of already been read & studied to avoid confusion from the otherwise unique deviation of approach perpetuated in the implications of this tract. I state this so all those who follow this work, and actually grasp it all as a real path of science know how vital it is to keep in touch with the reality of the evolutionary process on all planes of geometry. Moreover, parapsychology and folklore are certainly involved, and the concept of magick set forth in postulate by that brother from Cambridge that we all know & respect has been and is a matter of public display for quite some time. This essay will give another stance that is meant to open the minds of would be scientists in the community that would - rather than join forces with us, write us off as romantic rebels in the world of parapsychology and let this block of mind hinder them from studying carefully those textbooks which have already been created in the various classes. How dare we create a class A document & call it supernal without those standardized methods that are known to the ivy league community? Well, we could equally counter such objections by wondering how they could read themselves to verify themselves, and read nothing from us to be so sure that their judgments are so readily accurate? Any scientific thinker is going to realize that uninformed opinion is absolutely worthless without the adjustment of the gathering of the facts, and applying the method of science properly with experimentation to reach any conclusions that would hold water in a civilized debate. Do not confuse civilized debate with the stinking corpse of argument, of course. We venture to emphasize that civilized debate will make both parties leave the discussion equally fulfilled that each party has not wasted each others time. A concept so radical as to instigate an FBI investigation if they follow John F. Kennedy's paranoid perspective on secret societies! Yet I would end this first paragraph with a tongue in the cheek stab to the right knowing how worried Government becomes when they have fallen so far behind the work of the private enterprise of independent scientists working on questionable experiments that might endanger the planet into possible chaos. Of course, they haven't actually bothered to ask those involved what is really going on, nor can they be sure if they are right trying to judge which science is really the one that is truly dangerous or wasteful from the perspective of evolution.

Picture if you will, the Neanderthal seeing that Gods were beginning to appear in the area. Visualize the Neanderthal father giving his daughter to one of these Gods. He wouldn't of understood or known them as homo sapien - only that whatever they were they were a very efficient tribe, possibly of the Gods Themselves. Yet with the disappearance of the last of the Neanderthal none of them would of understood, know what occurred, and surely the most intelligent of them would of feared or felt fascination at their ancient world turned completely upside down by a species that was able to defeat them in spite of them being weaker in strength & smaller in stature. Although we cannot state for sure how those who were aware of their overthrow were reacting we do have scientific proof that their DNA is in human beings, and those who possess it have a strong immune system. We do know that the homo sapiens would have been as incomprehensible as the next species after homo sapien will be. We might even go so far as to state that no one human can understand what we are to evolve into. Anymore than a Neanderthal could understand a homo sapien.

The science of evolution by Darwin is of course a monument of his genius, certainly any intelligent person can logically perceive the sheer clarity of perception that was expounded when he explained natural selection. We are not debating Darwin's theory here at all. Having seen the clarity of it we can move on to see if the science of Darwinism is useful for the science of discovering what a human being will become evolving from homo sapien to the next species. Well, you'll find nothing Darwin has written about what the future of humanity would be for he looked at the past, and not the future. Well now, if we perceive this subject for the future do We not have a brand new science???

A careless thinker might raise his argumentative forefinger, and say. Aha, this person has already stated that no one human can perceive the next species. Of course, I worded it in the form to metaphor to bushwhack that hypothetical dog of reason right from the start.

We need to firstly consider how the method of science & experimentation should be outlined. Can we properly deduce from past observations of the evolutionary process what we could scientifically concentrate on to actually kick the next species into gear? If natural selection does not exist can evolution actually occur again? Are we therefore stuck at homo sapien from the very industry that we have created, the very cures to disease that would of eliminated the weak and those very forests that have factors not even touched upon by modern scientists that might very well be a part of the missing puzzle of the next stage in evolution?

Certainly, research grants are being issued by various organizations all the time. What if a new science that emphasizes the process to the next step in evolution starts science all over again? Whereas, nearly every grant in the past that has been issued was based on the homo sapien delusion of scientific progress. A startling consideration where progress with a new science either puts other science projects in a new light, or as shocking as it might be for scientists - make some of the science that they so emotionally embraced with such dedication & endearment to be completely obsolete.

Therefore, only one major discovery with such a new science might show that the cure for cancer lines of research have to be ceased in order for certain defects in homo sapiens to die out for breeding of the proper mother of the new species. Although we write hypothetically, we are dead serious about pragmatic considerations for the future of evolutionary processes. A point which might very raise the eyebrows of those too weak willed and compassionate to see such a brutal stand.

Where in blazes is all this coming from, a scientist once exclaimed after his ill trained brain tried to grasp one of our more complex conversations. We carefully explained to him that a Book we have (handing him that very Book), would clarify some of his rather amusing confusion. Of course, he immediately destroyed that book after the first reading & immediately went underground so none of his colleagues at the university would know that he had associated with us. This is quite typical of the type of caution one needs for such a scary a subject as would predominate our conversation, causal or otherwise. We expect any day now to have Homeland Security demanding they show us the laboratory animals that we have rumored to have mutated from dimension Tiphareth of Tiphareth into something if released into the world will surely devour all of Syracuse & surrounding suburbs.

Lets state that we discover future man sees reason as a lie, and has a more efficient form of advancing the schools of science & philosophy. Lets state the next stage in human evolution is immune from all the disease that presently exists for the homo sapien. What occurs to the body of knowledge accumulated by medical research? Of course, it may or may not be useful to the newly born species, and yet how can we know for sure until they, explain it to us? Of course, their explanations might be more complex that we can handle if the average IQ of the new species is twice the IQ of the homo sapien. What of a completely new consistency of mind altogether that perceives and has control of different dimensions of geometry?

Well, the only way to really approach any real understanding of such a new science is to begin this new science using the method of science & experimentation carefully curbing our imagination as the reality of the discovery of science adjusts the parameters of our reality.

Love is the law, love under will

Adoration Unto Nuit

O my beloved Goddess, I love Thee. I am the winged secret flame unto Thee.
Bend Upon thy servant and impart Thy kisses
I am always Unto Thee, Nuit. Let me awaken to Thy ecstasy; that I might know the omnipresence of your Body.
Let the world be regenerated; for I love you Nuit, my beloved Goddess!

To begin experiments so sublime & mysterious as magick I must firstly study case scenario that observes similarities throughout culture. I must question the reality of each scenario to determine what my experiments are going to involve & how I'm going to set up the laboratory by choosing a scenario that dominates all the others. Having begun my outline that determines the direction I carefully write my hypothesis which is my suggested explanation for an observable phenomenon or of a reasoned proposal predicting a possible causal correlation among multiple phenomena. Having completed this I then proceed with my method of working. Having concluded the experiments I write my conclusions based on the raw reality of my work I am then in a position to write a commentary on my conclusions; announce my new discoveries giving a completely new outline that can be used as a presentation in essay or demonstration showing conclusive proof of its reality. This is the basics of the method of science & the private journal should adhere to Liber E, Section I. What do students begin with? Very simple. They are to learn about the nature & powers of their own being. This apparently innocent goal leads to doorways that unlock all the deeper mysteries on the subject — and is sufficient for the new student who would be an expert with the method of science. Note that a laboratory might consist of a replica of an ancient Egyptian Temple, a Temple of Ar, a circle drawn with candles in a cave, or a room with biofeedback machines, microscopes and other instruments of observation.
A student requests David Bersson give an elaboration on the method of science.

Preliminaries to learning the Secrets of Universe

written by David Bersson

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

The use of Gematria where a word is made a number is an important method where actual archetypes, metaphysical concepts and parallel spiritual insights can be worked out. It should be carefully observed that no one is denying that great scientists like Einstein used mathematics and equations to deduce complexities and truths of the universe and met with success and progress. None of us are asking you to delete this curriculum from your Path but to include it as one of the tools to development.

Think of it this way. If you experience the universe with initiation on the Path you are going to meet with archetype image, and even forces in the universe that will translate from the energy into image. The human mind cannot be passively indifferent to meet such forces or it will be overwhelmed, obsessed and even madness from the infinite can be a real danger. We resolve this issue by becoming the “magician & exorcist” and actually establish real coordinates with relation of will and mystical environment. Some forces must be put under the control of the will. Some forces - such as infinite space are best perceived as beloved Nuit – to avoid the insanity that would grasp the feeble intellect.

The great equations that have been developed to explain the universe by modern scientists will never, never meet those archetypes, forces, in the byways of their being and actually attain anything more than a glimpse of the real universe. The scientist with his equations does arrive at a higher state of mind with the discipline – and this should be carefully distinguished between the initiation where meeting those higher forces has actually stimulated the higher faculties and created real change where initiation and growth have made you MORE that what you were previously from the experience.

What is accumulated over a period of time of such experiences we name Hadit, the point in the circle, the gestalt of that aggregate of experience that is going. Hadit is this sense is the real microcosm as Nuit is the real macrocosm. All this is vital to note for those who have deliberated on the importance of those scientists (the majority who do not practice magick) who use equations in an attempt to explain the universe only to watch them fall on their face when you note that they are mere observers whose truth is stifled greatly by sitting on the sidelines rather than actual participation in the universe as a magician does.

With regards to participation in the universe every star will have its course through the universe – and the Great Work for my brother or sister whose school of thought has awakened different insights and byways must be tolerated and observed as the True Will of others who shine in the universe as the company of heaven. My way is my byway and the highway that was created by my own ordeals, initiations, writings, interpretations and insights.

Eleven different magicians have given the world an interpretation of “Ordeal X” and all of them were simultaneously lying spirits and absolutely correct.

I shall be the exception with regards to Ordeal X and rather than give an experience or interpretation I will merely comment that Liber Had and Liber Nu are the most glorious instructions given – yet unless you become a Winner of Ordeal X you dwell in the valley of shadows where the true Cosmic Consciousness cannot become a reality. It should be remarked that neither the Indian nor the Buddhist Gurus have ever achieved the true Cosmic Consciousness and they are all liars. For them, the omnipresence, the consciousness of the continuity of existence & those Trances promised in the first Chapter of Liber AL have never been achieved. They never go above Netzach – although they squeal like a fat pig when you point this out them.

“‘White is white’ is the lash of the overseer: ‘white is black’ is the watchword of the slave. The Master takes no heed.”

All those stars on this plane – meaning the entire human race that is “of us” are in a sense microcosm - or more cleanly expressed Hadit unto Nuit. Yet again I proclaim this wisdom and folly that unless you travel through the universe as a star unto Nuit you cannot even begin to awaken those perceptions of the real universe.

Love is the law, love under will