written by Soror Akana on March, 3rd, 2007 e.v.

What?! Say ye No --
in Silence reigns
Love born!

We, poised 'gainst the one world
defy the material;

Come, enter Bels' loose scene
where golden sets
and Fertile secrets
temper the moon's bane.

Shut up the reeling gates --
She, Rolling Fire
stands disguised in dark ray,
above the souls that wail in dread haze.

Then ? all inhaled by Her crimson blow
there, as familiars cast out again,
Her countenance burning,
raking laughter penetrates;
send out the souls!

We, ruthless consort
call for the banner --
the time is now!

Where our daughter held
cup without shame;
harvest planes of ash ? land
and surreal chaos
held the strings

But twas all a
dreamers dream
begat one still winter's eve
wrapped up with myth and paper,

How excellent the Beast
whence He removed Her chains!

A mask, and secrets,
yet no shame.

Come, let Us conquer;
O, Assyrian be empowered --

the Great Destroyer lives.