The Fall of Tsar Vladimir and the Christist Lie

Written by Frater Thoth

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

It would be wise of us if we individually, each for himself and herself, look deep into the history of our countries and know the true history of our nations so that we can no longer be fooled by false historians, so that we can be proud of ourselves, and as magicians, be strong and proud of the magical heritage of our ancestors, align it to the Book of the Law and be invincible and victorious in the conflict which is emerging between the super powers of the world today.

Let us observe the example of Russia, how it accepted the heathen faith of Christism by series of manipulative lies issued by the eastern church.

Russia represented a great military threat to the Byzantium Empire. Therefor Constantin VII, the Emperor of Byzantium, sought to ally Russia through his marriage to a Russian Princes Olga. Princes Olga on the other side did not suspect his intentions, she only wanted to strengthen the trade and seek political favors from Emperor Constantin. At about 946 e.v. she traveled to Constantinople. When she arrived the Christist Bishops did not waste any time and advised Constantin to convert Olga into Christism and in turn she will receive what she had came for. Cleaver move to manipulate politics. Olga agreed to convert, provided there will be strengthening in trade but refused to marry Constantin. She left Constantinople but her attempts to Christianize Russia were not successful. In addition her son, Svyatoslav (The Light of Slav) who strongly retained the native religion took over the Throne and despite desperate attempts to convert Him He remained a pagan. His character was strong and fierce, his was a real Warrior and King. He taught his heir Vladimir the same fearlessness, ferocity, and stability of the spirit. But the Tsar Vladimir fell, he did not posses the same strength as his father Svyatoslav did.

After assuming the Throne he was bribed by the Christists Bishops of Byzantium who promised him mountains of gold if he would establish their cursed faith in Russia. He was hypnotized by the beauty of the Byzantium Cathedrals and the wealth of the eastern church. The Church manipulated him into thinking that by Christianization of Russia he would have plenty of favors from the Eastern Empire, while the Church was extending it's own. In 988 e.v. Vladimir accepted the bribe, was baptized, and was allowed to marry the Christist Princes of Byzantium, Anna, to strengthen political ties with the Empire. As a consequence thousands of people who did not accept Christism were persecuted and murdered. Russian Orthodox priests may object, saying that Russia had undergone great civilizing impact at the acceptance of Christism. Well, if you call building more then six hundred churches in twenty six years during the reign of Yaroslav (1015-1054) at Kiev alone that sacked all the Tsars and people's wealth a civilizing impact!

Christism all over the world deluded people by the false promises of civilizing them that only resulted in clever manipulation of politics, it's own gain of wealth and expansion of it's empire based on lies and blackmail.

Love is the law, love under will