Western world and Islam

Written by Frater Thoth

Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Western societies have became too tolerable to the forces that seek to destroy them. They assume that every one in the world is as morally soft as they are. I am a Thelemite, I have lived in a muslime country for two and a half years, during those years I was very close to observe the daily life and attitudes of moslems. They do not tolerate any kind of free will, they deny the freedom of speech, thought and press. When a Westerner comes to the moslem country, he is forced to live by moslem rules, other wise he is in a REAL danger of being publicly flogged or executed. When a moslem comes to a Western Country every effort is made to make him feel like he was in Saudi Arabia, not Europe. Remember who was protesting most against the French law that prohibited any kind of religious symbols in public places?

Now the moslem society in the West became so bold as to dictate Europeans what do draw and what not to draw. Am I supposed to bomb American Embassy in my country just because American has made a creature of our prophet The Master Therion Crowley? No, I shall laugh at the creature myself. Europe has two choices to survive the invading army of Heathens, first and the best is to accept the Law of Thelema, then all Moslems in the West that feel they are offended shall be publicly executed on the streets of Europe, second choice is for Europe to wage a war on Saudi Arabia.

I am Russian, Russians are not as soft as Europeans are, I do know for certain that those moslems are using them, Westerners are being deluded that Islam is a religion of peace, Westerners do not realize due to the strictly non violent education the fact that the whole world now prepares for war, while they, those reasonable and peaceful minded foolish Westerners are preparing for peace. If you want peace, prepare for war. China, Russia, Iran, India, all are ready to go to war with America which is viewed now days as the new Third Reich.

Islam is not religion of war, moslems are a religion of cowards and babblers. Americans have illegally invaded Iraq, were is all feared ligue of Arab Nations with their Jihad? Their Jihad only exists for the weak who cannot defend them selves, apparently Jihad does not apply to U.S. army in Iraq.

I am doing the work which must bring Russia to it's former glory, Russia was always ready to help their Europeans neighbors, Let us hope that one day Russia is going to show Europe that reasonable dialogues with moslems are not an option for us.

Love is the law, love under will


I sincerely do not now why warrior race of Noble Arians have accepted such a repressing political system as democracy with it's "say no to violence" propaganada, do they not have brains and eyes? The politicians of Europe are Chess players, not leaders, but the people, whats wrong with them, why are they being so naive? The same fault is with U.S.A.. Every Russian laughs at Americans of New Orleans how they run round their houses and called "Police! Police!, Some one dial nine one one!" As if police or nine one one had some super power to stop the Tsunami! The sole solution to this stupidity is war.