A quote from Marcelo Motta's Declaration of Trust proving that neither William Barden nor Daniel Ben Stone are legally the Supervisor General as a consequence of the directive to have a vote.

"I further declare that I empower those three to name my Successor or Follower as Supervisor General of the Society Ordo Templi Orientis and the Outer Head or Frater (or Soror) Superior of the O.T.O.; but that in this nomination, also, their vote shall be either unanimous or my Successor or Follower cannot be elected, and the administration of this trusteeship, will remain respectively in the hands of the three until they can read an agreement as to the Succession."

Claudia Canuto de Menezes separated officially from the Declaration of Trust making it legally impossible for Mr. Motta's Declaration of Trust to be carried out as per his instructions. Of the other two trustees, we have Daniel Ben Stone and William Robert Barden. When Miss de Menezes separated from the Declaration of Trust, William Barden accused Daniel Stone of robbing Mr. Motta's grave and Daniel Ben Stone accused William Barden of being insane in the eyes of his Superior at the time of his death. The remaining two trustees went there separate ways. This meant I, after years of dedication and work had to decide concerning the remaining trustees. I had to decide on Daniel Ben Stone who had no Letter Patent, no experience in the O.T.O. and was suspected of grave robbing my own Superior's grave or William Barden who was considered insane by own Superior and was not permitted Probationers as a consequence of some strange problem with masterbation. I tried to correspond with William Barden and was met with paranoia, delusion and false accusations. My conclusion so many years later is the same. I took the proper path by not accepting either of them. Legally, I was under no obligation to them as a consequence of no vote occcuring--- and morally accepting either of them would of put me on the level of a slave. Here I am about twenty years later, still as dedicated, loyal and zealous to the Great Work as ever. I do not regret my decision to go forth with my own movement. I took upon myself to make sure that the Order did not exist in the limbo that Claudia would of left it forever. William Barden, (so I was informed by a Barden dupe), died from a Heroin overdose and wasted away all profits from his book sales on his dirty habit. (I take this as the the recoil magically from lying about me in his "Rogue Gallery") Ben Stone, drifted away from the work, and printed only one Motta commentary that I am aware of. Any books I print are my own commentaries and works, which as everyone knows I have actually written thousands of pages of initiatic related material.
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2004 13:43:18 +0000
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Subject: William Barden has moved to the Greater Feast
Dear Frater Sphinx

I am sadly informing you of William Barden's death. His Heroin addiction got the better of him. We are left with no funds, either in the Parzival account or the publishing account. Bill took everything out and bought Heroin over a period of three years.

I can't find anyone he's passed the copyrights to. As the oldest member of the the Society now in existence you owe us assistance. Please show your brotherhood and assist us with a donation. I know you made out quite well with the sales of your own books. Send us anything you can at the old P.O. Box

93 93/93


Saturday, January 17, 2004 e.v.
Cara Soror XXXXXX
Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law

Your letter caught my attention as being a very brave attempt on your part to retain your pride and strength. You dance like a crab all through your letter, in apparent awareness of my possible vicious response. Nice attempt at being the scarlet woman, but you've only reached the confused "evil sorceress" persona.

To begin, it would not be logical to send you a donation if you people no longer have the Motta copyrights. If you can find someone who William Barden passed them on to, if anyone, than write me again and I might send you some money.

Be more specific, which old address are you referring to? Also, how I can trust you not to spend any money I send you on more Heroin? How can I know where you are outright lying to me?

I tried to access Barden's website and it is gone. Give me details on the exact date and time of Barden's death. Give me details on how many members he left homeless, and inform them that my dedication and aspiration is still with me, and I continue to carry the Torch. They can write me at any time.

Henceforth I expect absolute discipline in your letters to me.

Let it be know among you that I'm taking over...

Love is the law, love under will

Frater Sphinx
David Bersson

(Written Feb. 8th, 2004 e.v.) We have just been informed that the late William Barden's disciple(s) have brought back Barden's site. Apparently, the above Soror is trying to fight my takeover in Australia since I wouldn't give her any money for her heroin habit. Any information concerning all this should be forwarded immediately to David Bersson who will be happy to add to this page to keep everyone informed on her dishonest business actions. Remember, if you send money for Motta books to her, (she's still using his old bank account), you will be supporting her heroin habit and mailing checks to a dead man. My demand to this woman for absolute discipline has met with actions that are unquestionably dishonest and unbecoming to one who would claim to be scarlet woman. Once again, this on going saga is so interesting that I invite anyone who hears anything to correspond with me immediately.
Update on Society Ordo Templi Orientis in Australia
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